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The Sigmoid License Plate Recognition System was developed for the Hungarian Police in 2002 to assist in the search for wanted vehicles. After initial success in Hungary, Sigmoid improved the software to recognize not only Hungarian but all European and most international numbers.

The software can be easily installed to PCs and laptops to access local vehicle registration systems or private databases via LAN, WAN or GPRS connections.

The system currently has two applications. The first remains the search for wanted vehicles, while the second is a fixed solution for access or bus lane control, for instance.

The process for access control is simple. The system receives images of vehicles, recognizes the license number, checks it against a database and sends a signal to open the barrier if the vehicle is authorized. If the number is refused, the system can issue an alert to the gatekeeper.

To monitor traffic on a lane, input and output signals are not used. Instead, the system continuously recognizes and logs numbers. A database also can be integrated as required.

SLPR is a robust and reliable solution that can be deployed in any situation where license plate recognition is required. The solution can be easily tailored to customer needs and supports the Mobotix products.


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Typical Access Control system

...light level is low

...light level is high

… if a shadow is cast on the number plate

... if the plate is colored



...partially obscured

...30° tilt

...80° lateral angels